We’re delighted to announce that our Group Operations Director, Caleb Atkins, has been nominated to join the Homecare Association board. Caleb’s valuable experience in leading homecare across the UK makes him a prime candidate to influence decision-making and help build the prolife of the homecare sector.

Caleb Atkins

The Homecare Association is the UK’s membership body for homecare providers, with their board primarily made up of nominated individuals elected from member organisations. The board also includes key senior staff and notable people, who represent the homecare se

ctor as ambassadors.

Our Director of Policy and Communications, Max Wurr, will be stepping down from his role on The Homecare Association’s board after completing his maximum of three terms – an impressive total of nine years with the organisation, both as a board member and more recently as their vice chair.

Max’s imminent departure has prompted the election of the new board member, which will take place at The Homecare Association’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 13th October. Best of luck for the voting process Caleb, we’re all behind you.