“I am Carol and have worked for Constance Care (City & County) for one and a half years.

Some of the most rewarding things about being a care worker in the community is the difference we make to people’s lives.  It is difficult to put your finger on the specifics as there are so many different things that make it satisfying.

I enjoy it; it fits in with my life and I gain a wee bit of wisdom every day chatting to the elderly community – their stories are awesome and inspiring.

Being able to give your clients the support they need to live at home day-to-day allows you to see the results of your hard work. We are confronted with the harsh realities of people struggling to overcome illness or disability and to make that little bit of difference makes it all worthwhile.

Many people come to work in care following a personal experience of caring for a loved one at home. It is really heart-warming to be in somebody’s life and be able to help make a positive difference to not only their day, but their overall quality of life.”

Carol Conway