Professional Care Workers’ Week 


This week is Professional Care Workers’ Week – a campaign hosted by the Care Workers’ Charity, to recognise and celebrate the care workforce. City & County is the largest provider of homecare services in the UK, and we’re proud of our care workforce and its contribution to the care sector.

What is Professional Care Workers’ Week? 

Now in its sixth year – Professional Care Workers’ Week is a celebration of care workers and the essential work they do, created to promote awareness and raise the profile of care workers in the UK.

From 18th – 22nd September the Care Workers’ Charity will be hosting a programme of free online panels and information sessions. Visit the website to find out more.

The Professional Care Workers’ Charity says, “Care is a highly skilled profession, but on the whole, care workers do not get the advantages of being seen as professionals…Professional Care Workers’ Week is an opportunity to raise the profile of care workers in the UK and showcase the fantastic work they do, while providing opportunities for learning and sharing best practice.”


Real Care. Real Impact.

Read the following testimonials from our City & County clients, which demonstrate the extraordinary things they do every day to make a positive difference to people’s lives all over the UK.

• “My two care staff always go above and beyond. I have a lot of confidence in them as they look after me and bath me. I have confidence issues, so they make doctors’ appointments and speak with doctors and hospitals, and arrange my hospital appointments for me, and plenty more.”

• “Adrian is nice, he chats and if I’ve got a problem, I talk to him about it and he listens. He makes me coffee and I can talk. He always knows what I need, and he makes my bed for me. Adrian makes me feel welcome

• “They are very warm, caring and polite and always have a smile on their faces. They are very experienced and have built a rapport with my mother, although she does not speak English.”

• “Jhan is a very good carer. He is so patient with me; he never rushes me, and he does anything I ask of him with no complaints.”

• “She takes time with me; she properly washes my hair and makes me feel like I’m at the spa. She makes me feel special.

• “Krishna is a very good carer who understand me.”

• “When my son passed away, Lisa was there for me. She just listened and to this day she will just listen to me talk about him during her whole visit and never tries to stop me talking about him.”

• “My regular carer always makes me feel like I want to live my life longer.”

• “I think Mandy is great. she always remembers the little things like what food I like and how I like my drinks made. She also has a great sense of humour and is always cheering me up.”

Thank you to all our care workers, who make our clients feel special every day.