International Nurses’ Day – thanking the profession


Today is International Nurses’ Day and we’d like to say a special thanks to all the nurses who support our City & County clients. Many of our care assistants work closely with nurses so they can deliver high quality care to people in local communities throughout the UK.

At City & County Healthcare Group, we have many nurses working in the complex care area of the business. People receiving complex care usually have long-term health conditions, such as spinal injuries or neurological issues. Clients are dependent on specially-trained care assistants and nurses and need ongoing intensive specialist support.

For International Nurses’ Day, we asked our Complex Community Nurse, Laura Woolhead, to explain more about her role and why she decided to join us:

“It is coming up to my one-year anniversary since joining City and County Healthcare Group. My previous experience was working in a busy intensive care unit in my local hospital. After Covid I was feeling deflated and desired to try something a different but wanted to keep and use the skills that I had gained working in intensive care.

Initially, I was cautious about stepping out of my comfort zone of working in a ward, as this is all I have known since qualifying. However, my experience in this role at City & County as a complex community nurse has shown me that my skills and knowledge from the intensive care unit are transferable, allowing me a better understanding of my clients’ needs and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. For example, I’ve been able to transfer and use my ventilator experience from the intensive care ward to complex care.

Personally, this was a great move in my career to combine my previous experience and bring it to my new role as a complex community nurse here at City & County Healthcare Group.”

We’d like to thank all nurses, no matter where they work, for the difference they make to people’s lives, every day.