Thanking our volunteers


1-7 June is national Volunteers Week and we wanted to thank the volunteers who come and make a difference to our clients’ lives, in any way they can.

Here at City & County Healthcare Group we have many volunteers who come and help out at our branches and sites across the country. Volunteers often help out at our centres, assisting with activities and events.

Our teams are well connected with local communities and volunteers have helped out with visits from local musicians, the emergency services, running bingo competitions, summer fetes and much more.

We also wanted to highlight the great volunteering work of one of our branch managers – Amanda Lowe.

Not only does Amanda hold a busy job as Branch Manager at our company Comfort Call, managing six extra care schemes in Manchester, but she also finds the time to volunteer for Age UK as a ‘Friend of Age UK’.

When asked about her volunteering efforts, Amanda said, “I have been volunteering and phoning a lady once a week, for half an hour. The lady has no family, she never had children and her husband passed away. We chat each week about her hobbies, knitting, and crocheting.

She enjoys our chats. The first week she was a little shy and conversation was hard but once we started talking about her hobbies she was fine and conversation flowed and she found it easy to talk to me. She doesn’t have anybody apart from me.”

Thank you to Amanda for sharing her volunteering experience.