City & County announces a new vision ‘to become the best place to work in care’, prompting changes in the company’s organisational structure and ways of working


In a recent summit, a new vision and focus on a ‘People First’ strategy was agreed upon with senior leaders from across the country. As the largest care company in the UK, City & County’s commitment to improve the employee experience holds the power to revolutionise the sector.

“A primary focus of mine is to put our employees at the heart of the organisation. It is their determination to improve lives and provide an exceptional standard of care that fuels our company,” said Gary Fee, CEO, City & County Healthcare Group.

Fee went on to recognise the Group’s achievements to date, which have ideally positioned them for the next phase of their evolution. “I am proud of what we have accomplished – we have grown both organically and through acquisitions, built a diverse range of services, created a technically advanced multi-platform system and ensured high-quality care for our clients”.

While City & County will continue to push forward on all fronts, their new vision – to become the best place to work in care by prioritising their people – marks an important transformation for the company. “By nurturing our teams and creating a culture of trust, connection and recognition, our people will be at their best to support the happiness of our clients”, said Fee.

To deliver the new vision, multiple ‘people first’ initiatives and a new organisational design was presented at the Leadership Summit. Leaders from across country left the event energised and ready to pioneer a new standard of care that will have a positive impact on both clients and employees.