Congratulations to Andrew Walby who recently won the Home Care Worker category of the Southwark Care Awards.

Organised by Southwark Council, the Southwark Care Awards celebrate the impact that paid and unpaid carers have in the local community. Sadly, due to the impact of Covid-19, there couldn’t be a physical awards ceremony this year – but Southwark Council are looking into ways to recognise Andrew and the other winners.

A member of our Sagecare team, Andrew was nominated for the award by David, a local social worker, after seeing the impact he’d made on the life of a non-verbal client. As part of the nomination David commented, “On my initial visit the client look dishevelled, he sat on a wooden chair, his curtains were shut and he just stared at his TV. He didn’t speak or look at anybody, so I requested a change in carer.”

“The new carer, Andrew, was Incredible. I visited a few days later sand the client was smiling and there were A5 pieces of paper with e alphabet on. The carer and purchased a small birthday cake, and the client blew out the candles.

“Within a few weeks, the client was managing to write a few words, he was starting to remember things. Andrew found a guitar, cleaned it and passed it to the client – who started to play it. He was beaming.”

Amazing, well done Andrew. You’ve made a huge change to the life of this service user.