Top officials thank adult social care staff

Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Care Minister Helen Whately, Chief Nurse Deborah Sturdy and Chief Social Worker Lyn Romeo wrote a joint letter to staff in the adult social care sector. They wanted to thank everyone for their efforts during the pandemic, stating:

“Last Spring, we were in the midst of the very worst days of the pandemic.

“Today, thanks to your unwavering dedication, your willingness to adapt to the highest standards of infection prevention control, and the success of the biggest mass vaccination programme in our history, we are in a much better place.

“Adaptability has been one of your greatest strengths. Throughout the pandemic, you have embraced many changes to daily practice, always keeping in mind the needs of the people you support. Recently and most importantly, you have supported the vaccination roll-out as part of your work to protect those in your care.

“All of this against the backdrop of an increased workload: covering shifts for absent colleagues, working while children are off school, and coping with your own grief, anxieties and personal caring responsibilities. We take none of this for granted and remain deeply grateful for your continued commitment.

“We’ve seen the challenges you’ve overcome, how you’ve adapted and supported each other as well as those you care for. Now we can be much more optimistic about managing this pandemic, further easing restrictions and eventually restoring our lives to something closely resembling normality.

“You have been there when your residents, clients and colleagues needed you most. With free PPE guaranteed until March 2022 and free access to mental health and wellbeing support specifically for health and care workers, we intend to be there for you too.

“We hope you know how much we appreciate your professional and personal efforts.”

We fully echo this message and would like to extend our thanks to every one of you for your hard work and commitment during this incredibly challenging period.

Keeping yourself and our clients safe in hot weather

Monday saw the hottest day of the year so far, with further hot weather forecast across the UK in the coming days and thunderstorms expected towards the end of the week.

Please remember that breathing problems and cardiovascular conditions can both be made worse by heat, and warmer weather can also bring on cramps, rashes, dizziness and fainting. In the worst cases, heatstroke may develop.

The accompanying heavy rain may lead to local flooding, so please remember to take due care driving and, if not using your own vehicle, to pack an umbrella or waterproof clothing

Thank you to the Abbotswood team

Sarah Thomas shared another compliment for the committed London Care team at the Abbotswood Extra Care scheme in Littlehampton. After their mother sadly passed away, her children wrote to the scheme to express just how much the team meant to the family over the years, telling them:

“Thank you, Millie and all the care team so much for the care, support, love and friendship that you gave to our lovely mum over the years that she so happily lived at Abbotswood. My brother and I wanted to place on record how enormously grateful we are to you and all the care team for the care, support and more that you give each and every day.

“At any time that more was needed the support was always there. A doctor or dental appointment that I couldn’t be there for. I and she knew she was in safe and caring hands. Thank you.

“In March things became more challenging, but the team ensured that she went to hospital promptly to get her condition stabilised. It was a huge relief for her, and us, that you did it and that she was able to spend the last weeks of her life back in her own home. The level of care and support that you and your team were able to provide was amazing and it cannot be under estimated how this ensured that mum’s end of life care was peaceful and comfortable. She knew you all so well and there you were. Marvellous.

“Alison, you and Millie were such a support to me too. The fact that all this wonderful care was being provided in the midst of the Covid pandemic really is a great testament to the whole care team. So many carers helped mum that is isn’t possible to name everyone but I particularly appreciated Linda who took caring control and Claire and Tania taking care of mum (and me!) the last time I was there with her.

“We will always be so thankful that mum was able to spend her last days in her own home with carers (friends) who knew her and took such good care of her. Please feel free to pass on our thanks to everyone involved in providing such high quality care including end of life care.”

Such heart-warming feedback from this family. Thank you to everyone at the scheme for the compassion and support you gave to this service user and her family. It’s clear how big an impact you all made.

Men’s Health Week: tell us your reflections

This week is Men’s Health Week and this year’s theme is Mental Health and COVID-19.

Everybody’s mental health has been challenged by the lockdowns and insecurities of the last year and it’s not over. As we emerge from what we hope will be the worst of the pandemic, questions, concerns and anxieties remain. Men’s Health Week 2021 asks – how do we move forward?

We want to hear from you – please share with us your reflections from the past year:

  • What have you learnt about yourself and your own wellbeing?
  • What are you looking forward to doing again?
  • What have you improved or changed in your life?
  • What will you keep doing?

Please email your thoughts to – we would love to share your thoughts in our upcoming communications (anonymously if you prefer).

LifeWorks – Employee Assistance Programme

Have you struggled with mental health and insecurity during the pandemic? Please remember you can take advantage of confidential expert help – at no cost – with professional counselling services available through LifeWorks, our employee assistance programme.

Professionally trained counsellors are available 24/7 to offer emotional and practical support, and resources for you and your loved ones.

This completely confidential service is there to help you. No one will know you have called.

Call LifeWorks on 0800 1691920 today to access the right support for you. Alternatively use the Chat function on the website or app to start the conversation.

However, if you’re not quite ready to talk, visit the LifeWorks app or website to access the online wellbeing resources.

Heart-warming thanks for the SCRT team in Dunblane

Finally, Mathew Green, Registered Manager for SCRT Homecare sent us a picture of hand-made gifts and messages the team in Dunblane received his week.

Mathew told us, “In celebrating Carer’s Week last week, the Dunblane SCRT team were kindly gifted these lovely knitted hearts by St Mary’s Church and the Dementia Friendly Dunblane Group. They wanted to thank the care staff for all the work that they are doing in the community – supporting the service users they attend and supporting the group whenever they can.”

We think they look fantastic and it’s amazing to see just how much the care team mean to the local community.

Tell us your news!

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