Care Heroes Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award

This week we’re celebrating our Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognises a care or support worker who has been employed continuously for ten or more years and has demonstrated great commitment to the highest standards of care support.


Winner: Abiola Abbati – London Care, East London

Delivering care through the coronavirus pandemic has not been an easy task for any of our dedicated staff. But, at a sprightly 78 years young, not even COVID-19 could stop Abiola! A dedicated member of the London Care team since 2003, Abiola continues to deliver fantastic care to all of her service users despite everything that’s happened over the last 12 months.

When the pandemic hit, Abiola refused to stop working, saying “I need to look after my service users, they need me”. Furthermore, even Abiola’s family couldn’t get in the way of her dedication to those she cares for. They contacted her manager to ask of Abiola could take a break during the pandemic – but Abiola chose to continue looking after her service users anyway, who all appreciated how much she was doing for them. One service user’s daughter even commented, “I am so grateful for Abbi, my mum would be dead if it wasn’t for her”.

Our judges were stunned by Abiola’s commitment, with one saying: “She refused to stand down during covid at the grand age of 78 years; she was thinks of others before herself and has clearly delivered a professional and high standard of care. Seventeen years is a huge achievement and demonstrates so much commitment to her profession.”

Another fed back, “Age is no barrier! Well done Abiola, she is a model example to us all. She clearly enjoys her work, is very committed and care about people, and I’m delighted she still continues to make such an impact on service users’ lives.”

Congratulations to our finalists

A huge well done to our other finalists this year – Carrie Prince from Sagecare Squires Gate and Violet Hare from the Guardian Homecare team in Devon.

Carrie and her family have had far from the easiest time recently. After her husband unfortunately had a sudden stroke and ended up in hospital, Carrie was 100% sure she would have to give up the job she loves and her service users to support her husband full time. However, alongside supporting her husband’s recovery however, Carrie has committed to finding time to continue seeing the service users she cares so much about.

Despite everything that’s happened, Carrie’s regional manager told us, “She is always a breath of fresh air. Carrie has been an absolute pleasure to work with for both the company and her service users. Carrie has so many ‘good news’ stories, it is hard to pick one example. This company needs more staff like Carrie. We would be lost without her as would her colleagues and service users.”

When nominating Violet Hare, Katie Jewell told us that “Violet is the fittest 65 year old the team know!” Since 2002 she has been working fulltime and walking her run come any weather conditions. Through the snow in 2018 to the flooding in 2019, Violet has never failed to reach her clients and provide the fantastic care she is renowned for.

Violet has demonstrated a lifetime of caring for other and putting her clients first in all circumstances. In recent months, Violet has shown huge commitment and dedication to her clients – and City & County – by increasing her hours to cover clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. She even gave up her days off to support another area when their staff had to shield. Katie finished by saying, “Violet continues to walk the miles needed to do her job, we hope she continues for many more years, she is amazing!”

A huge well done to each and every one of our winners and finalists.

Vaccines for anyone aged over 42

Our care workers have been able to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination for some time now, but this week it was announced that everyone over 42 years of age is now eligible and can book their jabs directly via the National Booking Service.

Whether you are a care worker or over 42, or both, there should be no obstacle to your getting your vaccine. If you haven’t already been able to get one through work or your GP, you can book your appointment directly here.

We encourage everyone offered a vaccine to have one, subject to individual clinical advice.

Stress Awareness Month – April

Stress Awareness Month is held every April, to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for stress.

This year, more than ever, millions of us around the UK are experiencing high levels of stress and it is damaging our health. Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression. It is also linked to physical health problems like heart disease, problems with our immune system, insomnia and digestive problems.

It is so important that we take time to think about what is causing us personal stress and then look for ways to help reduce our stress levels.

Here are some ideas to help you take the first steps on a stress awareness journey.

30-day challenge

Attached is a 30 day challenge on stress awareness, created by Able Futures, which gives you 30 little things you can try to help you relax, connect with positive distractions and look after yourself so that you may feel a little more able to cope with the impact of stress.

It take 30 days to turn actions into habits. The 30-day challenge will maximise your chance of turning useful knowledge and techniques into positive behavioural changes. Why not start today!

Stress Management Society

The organisers of Stress Awareness Month offer a range of resources from individual stress tests to free stress guides. Click here to visit their website.

Contract wins for Abacare

Despite the pandemic, our Bids and Contracts team are hard at work securing new contracts across the country for City & County. We’re very pleased to confirm two recent success in Wales for Abacare.

Firstly, there’s a brand new Extra Care scheme in Denbighshire, called Awel Y Dyffryn. It’s a new build and we’re excited to be able to shape the services as Abacare. Big thanks to Nicky Tucker, Neil Griffiths, Nicola Brown and Paul Dougherty – as well as everyone else involved in the hard work on this bid.

Secondly, we’ve also secured a zoned block contract in Caerphilly of approximately 300 hours a week after a mini competition caused by a provider failure. Thanks again to Nicky Tucker as well as Caroline Jones and Samantha Price for their work on this successful bid.

Birthday celebrations for Jane at ICCM

Finally, Cat Saxon at ICCM let us know about a big celebration at their office last week. Cat told us, “Jane Taylor our Head of Practice turned 50, so we spoilt and surprised her with a decorated office, some beautiful flowers, a gorgeous Radley handbag and some Hugo Boss earrings.”

Cat continued, “Jane started with us last June after HSG Complex Care merged with ICCM and we wanted to show her that she’s really part of the team and help her celebrate this big birthday.”

Happy Birthday Jane, we hope you had a wonderful day.