A message to our staff

As the coronavirus situation quickly evolves, I recognise everyone’s concern and uncertainty. This makes your resilience, dedication and bravery all the more remarkable. It brings into sharp relief how much you all care – care about each other and about those 26,000 vulnerable people who are relying on us more than ever. Thank you all.

This is our moment. Long has homecare been under-recognised for its vital work. Never before has it had the focus it is now getting. We are rising to that challenge. At time of writing, all our offices are open. Despite sickness and self-isolation we have been delivering the care required. Thank you all for the way as ‘Key Workers’ you are continuing to attend work and to perform your vital roles – carers, branch staff and back office teams alike. Everyone matters. This is a huge team effort and I am proud to be a part of it.

Of course we also want to keep everyone as safe as we can. Please continue to follow and adhere to the guidance we are putting out daily. If you are unclear, please check with your line management.

I hope you, your friends and family, and your communities stay safe. I do not know fully what the coming days and weeks will throw at us, but I know we are making all the prudent preparations that we can. It is a privilege for me to be part of the amazing team we have. With a team like ours, with the values we hold, I know we will beat this and emerge even stronger.

James Thorburn

Chief Executive

City & County Healthcare Group